Flag Football

Flag football offers an energetic, fun way to get exercise and make friends. With the rules of the game designed to minimize risk while still offering a way for kids to embody their favorite players and play against each other, flag football is a great way for kids of all ages to get into sports, unleash their energy in a positive way, and learn basic teamwork skills. The YMCA of Abilene flag football programs and leagues will help your child between the ages of 5 - 12 learn and participate in this adrenaline pumping sport in a fun, safe environment!

Volunteer coaches are eligible to receive 30% off their child's registration fee and must register in-house only to receive discount. 

To be eligible for the membership price, you must be an active and current member throughout the sport program. 

Age:                             5-12 years (Co-Ed)

Season:                  4 week season

Cost:                      $45 for Members, $75 for Non-members

How to Register:     In-house or online 

For program information please contact our Welcome Center at 325-695-3400