For a Better Us

The YMCA exists to strengthen the foundations of our community through Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility. We do it by teaching kids new skills that build self-confidence, character values and leadership. We do it by helping adults and families lead healthy lifestyles. We do it by connecting older adults to an active support network. We do it by providing outlets to give back to those in need an volunteer your time. People engage with the Y on one level, but they soon find a deeper meaning to their activities and a connection to those around them. Ultimately, at its highest form, they feel compelled to volunteer, to give back and help others strengthen the entire community. Here are just a few of the YMCA programs helping to strengthen the Abilene area:

Project Phoenix

The YMCA of Abilene offers a vital program titled Project Phoenix, formally known as ISP. This Y program is a 5-phase mentoring program for at-risk youth ages 7 through 17.  The program operates during high-risk hours and is a behavior modification program partially funded by the Taylor County Probation Office (Juvenile Probation Office), City of Abilene, & Abilene United Way. The program is free of charge to YMCA members and to their families.

The Project Phoenix program is designed to teach accountability, it gives meaningful rewards and most importantly it helps children learn appropriate behaviors.  Our program is based on close monitoring and mentoring of the participants and working with their family. One-on-one and group meetings are conducted with a licensed therapist. Anger management training is also very important. Plus this Y program implements a sense of community through service projects with a focus on helping others. It also teaches youth to look for referrals of future services needed in the community.

We provide transportation for AISD and WISD students.

Contact the YMCA of Abilene Family Center for questions, (325)733-6909.

Abilene High and Wylie High School Seniors may apply for YMCA Scholorships from proceeds made during the Spring Dance.  Applications are to be returned by May 14th, 2021.

Mail to:

YMCA of Abilene-Scholorships Ruby Hoffmann 

3125 South 32nd Street

Abilene, Tx 79605